The Burrow School is the oldest school in the Howth Peninsula. As written in 1837 report “a very neat school house, midway between Howth and Baldoyle has been erected for children of both places in which there are two neat school rooms for males and females”.

The present school building is the fourth school on the site.

The first parish school was built pre 1807. The Association for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge gave a grant of £15. The number of pupils who attended this school must have been small, for there was only one teacher – a Mrs. Whelan.

The first school fell into disrepair in 1825 and in 1831 the second school was erected. A lease was taken out between the Third Earl of Howth and the Reverend Charles Smith, Rector of Howth (1826/1832). For the sum of five shillings, one acre of land at the “Warren of Howth” was set aside for the use of a resident school-master to be appointed by the Rector. The rent was one penny per annum.

After lengthy discussion in the 1880’s, a third school was built by Richard Campbell. The building, which is now the Burrow Hall, was completed within six months at a cost of £300 Sterling. The building was opened in 1881.

By the 1960’s there was a large increase in the number of residents in the area and so a new school had to be provided to cater for the 120 pupils. The teaching staff had increased to four – Mr W. H. Carr, Miss A. F. Hamilton, Miss E. Cox and Mrs E. Dalton. The official opening of the new school took place on 3rd January 1969 by Mr Brian Lenihan, Minister for Education, the building was blessed by the Most Rev. Dr. George O. Simms, Archbishop of Dublin.

In 1972 a further extension was added to the school. This extension consisted of the Assembly Room and an extra class room. The number of pupils attending the school in 1972 was 191.

There are 8 classrooms and The Burrow Hall is still used for Physical Education, Assemblies, after school activities, meetings and voting.

The School was refurbished in 1994 and the Board of Management is continually looking at ways of improving the facilities. Much help has been given over the years by the Parent Association and Department of Education & skills. We have a fine school with a happy atmosphere and a long history.

Roll Number: 09642P

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