March 1, 2021

Photo Competition

The Senior School Activity this week is to take a photograph of something that appeals to you in your area, be it the lighthouse on the pier, the sun rising over Baldoyle stand, the flowers in your garden or the swing in the playground! Whatever beauty catches your eye!

The Thinker – by Dennis
By Kane
Chimney’s in the fog – by Abigail
Sunset Shipwreck – by Julie
Stunning Spring Sunset – by Sasha
Natural Beauty Never Stops Existing – by James
What a lovely view at a lovely place – by Jessica
By Isobel
Spring Blossoms – by Juliette
Bray Head – by Eva
Cookie and the view from Baldoyle – by Lauren
Hyland cattle going for their daily carrots from me in the morning – By Ryan
At the end of the rainbow – by Jemima
Sunny morning across Dublin Bay – by Anna
Feathered-On-Sea – by Eoin
The Fog is Coming – by Beth
Beauty is everywhere – by Emma
Beauty that made me happy – by Síofra
Giant ‘shroom in Deer Park – by Mark

Caisleán an Chorraig – Castle of the round hill – a room with view – by John

Strange findings in Deer Park – by Lucy C
My favourite dog on my favourite couch – by Charlotte
Blaze says “hello, where’s my apple” – by Luke H
Still shining – by Stephen C
Beautiful sunset – by Molly
By Lucas
Frog on guard – by Ben R
St Mary’s Church and Howth Castle from Deerpark – by Finn
Bláithíní Silíní- by Karel
Moss on a rock – by Matthew B
By Sterling
My Picture is of the star on the pier and the houses on the hill – by Romie
By Lucy W
Little and Large – by Max
Take and book or Leave a book – by Ethan
By Gemma
By Millie
Spideog sa Ghairdín – by Kerri
Sunrise over Burrow Beach – by Henry
The Ivy Gates – by Feargal
Pedro, Eusebio and Francisco
A haunted lighthouse – By Amelie
Upside down reflections – by Nicole
By Abby can Conor
The perfect day for my favourite weather – by Chloe
New dawn, new day – by Scott
Looking from Paddy’s hill towards Donabate – by Lauren
By Megan
By Adora
Sun rose – by Sienna
Hearing all the birds – by Lucy S