April 6, 2017

Chop for Charity

Thanks to everyone who contributed to making the Chop for Charity on 3rd March such a successful charity event. The total raised following the event was €1,486- combining both online donations and the money raised through the sale of raffle tickets in the school. I am so grateful for the support I received from friends, family, my home parish and the Burrow school community for this event. The money raised surpassed all expectations and will greatly benefit the Little Princess Trust.

A special thanks to Ms Lynn and Ms Williams for their organisation of the event and to Patrick, Sarah and Sunny who proved to be excellent hairdressers on the day! I would also like to especially thank Lisa in Peter Marks who styled my hair in their salon free of charge after the chop.

I have been in contact with the Little Princess Trust who have thanked all involved for their generosity and confirmed that they have received the donations of both money and hair.

See below for some photos of the event.

Miss Ward


Before the Chop for Charity


Ready to go!

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Patrick, Sarah and Sunny, who had the winning tickets


After the chop!

17902043_1357531180969596_680034941_o          17916776_1357531220969592_586870450_o

The finished product! Thanks to Lisa in Peter Marks who did a fabulous job.


The totals raised on the day. Well done to all involved!