Book Week November 3, 2015

Book Week 2015

Every year we celebrate our book week in October in conjunction with Children’s book month. This year everyone made a fantastic effort with our dress up day. There was a great array of outfits on display by both children and teachers! Well done to those behind the scenes who were busy painting, sewing and gluing!! The best girl and boy from each class received a prize of a book from the book fair. We were delighted to have a visit this year from Pat Ryan. Pat is an excellent storyteller and has visited the Burrow many times over the last 15 years. He spent 45 minutes to an hour with each class band and delighted us all with his tales and riddles. Fourth, fifth and sixth class all visited Baldoyle library where they heard various Hallowe’en stories from around the world.

We were also very fortunate to have Catherine Keane from Baldoyle library came to talk to the Junior Classes about the library and the benefits of being a member of the local library. We would encourage parents to follow this up by bringing your child to one of our local libraries. Our book fair was a great success again this year. We raised a total of €2854.75 and will get 60% of this back in books for our school. Thanks again to children, teachers and parents for making our book week so memorable and enjoyable.